Wednesday, October 29, 2014

    In the Garden off SL Harbor La Luna Bay City we have a Debate Circle :D
    here we will Debate on all Subjects that doesn't brake with the SIM,s ( M ) Status ;)
    Other then that anything goes :D

    So if u want to Debate something and be the ( Ring Master )  just Contact us and
    we put u on the "The Garden Debate Circle Board & Blog" :D
    Hope u come join us :) and listen to the Debates or Join in :D
    Just please know that the Debates will be Posted on the Blog after :)
    So if u don't want to have your AVI Name on it just let us know and we replace
    your Name as MR or MS X :) Before Posting on the Blog or after if u change 
    your  mind NP :D
This should be fun :D


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