Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Debate Host for:
The Garden Debate Circle :D

In the Garden we will have a Debate Circle :D
her we will Debate on all Subjects that doesn't
brake with the SIM,s ( M ) Status ;)
Other then that anything goes :D
So if u want to Debate something and
be the ( Ring Master )  just Contact us and
we pot u on the "The Garden Debate Circle Board" :D
This should be fun :D


We want you if you love debates
& you are reliable :)
& you have to be able to voice so you can control those who do,
   and make sure those who can't voice are being heard in Local-chat :)

As Debate Host your job is to:

* Have fun :D
* Host Debate events
* Debate ADDs
* Welcome the Guests
* make a Edit Notecard-Log of the Debate & take Pic,s for
  The Garden Debate Circle BLOG :D
* Residents Service

As Debate Host You Get:
you get 100% Tips

+ 50Ls a week

+ Bonus if u do a good job :)

+ a Free Small City Loft Sky-Boxes:
u get a Private City Loft Sky-Box 
With a TnT sex Bed and Sofa-set
it has 16 City Textures to choose from :D
and u get 15Prims for Free
a Free 10Ps shop
50% off on a bigger shop :D

+ 75% off at LULUs

This job is in:

`*•.¸♥ SL Harbor La Luna Bay City ♥¸.•*´


The Garden Debate Circle BLOG link:


Contact and send a "Notecard" with your info and job experience in SL to:
LULU ( lulu6kat )

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